You are so lucky! The Wise Old Man is revealed! He is Jim (sorry, no, not the Stigg!). So from now on you will hear from Jim rather than The Wise Old Man! It is Jim who features in the videos, supported by Marc and Nigel, fellow inspiritors (a new word?)… who believe in and support the work of The Wise Old Man aka TWOM! We believe that the time is now right to be authentic and ask all our followers to invite their friends. We don’t mean to be pretentious but only to help and explore the world of possibility… for now we say… we live in the world of Fun, love, vitality & freedom and we have named the current project Happydemic… this is a new word as far as we know!

Meanwhile back at the video script…

Hallo and welcome to another blog, created, as always, with the intention of giving you new options, insights and ways for looking at things so you have more fun and freedom and are happier and more fulfilled in your life.
Today I am going to talk about authenticity. The dictionary defines authentic as real or genuine, as opposed to false or copied.
But there is a deeper meaning. For me, authenticity is the extent to which I can be true to my internal, rather than external influences. How much I can adhere to my own principles, to my own moral standpoint, despite the pressures around me to be a certain kind of person or to conform to a certain way of living my life so that I can be ‘accepted’ into society.
We are all members of society, of course, but the extent to which we are going to allow society to influence our actions is important. And my suggestion to you when you are faced with a choice that involves some kind of moral compass, is that you first look inside and decide what is right for you, your standards, your ethics.
Then you can take account of the outside pressures in order to decide what is going to happen, what direction you will take. Often we may have to compromise, but to what extent? To what degree do we allow
the pressures to overcome our own personal beliefs and standards?
The more we can be true to ourselves, the happier and, I suspect, the more successful we will be.
To quote the Bard, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”
Think about it.