A while ago, I recorded a piece about how everyone on FaceBook and other social media seemed to do little but complain. Then I became aware of the irony of me complaining – about people complaining!

Being also aware of the newness of the year, I decided to scrub that and take a different, perhaps a novel, approach. I therefore decided that, henceforth, my musings will err on the side of positivity.

So, no more lectures about what one should do, rather ideas about what one could do. All from a positive standpoint.

The first positive is that we are at the start (nearly) of a new year and there is an opportunity to start afresh and become better than we were short time ago. Maybe we can enjoy life more, become more successful (because success often begins with a positive outlook, doesn’t it?). Trying is half the battle; the journey, not the destination id what we will gain most from.

So, why don’t we all make an effort to be positive? To seek out the positive even when negative things are happening. There was a very successful entrepreneur* who once said that every setback contained within it the opportunity of an even greater advance.

Shall we be successful because we choose success? Will we achieve happiness by choosing to be happy? Why not? At the end of the day, everything is a choice we make – we can choose to see ourselves as successful (I am still alive at a relatively great age; that’s success!), we can choose to be happy, we can choose to be positive.

Let’s all be positive – for at least the next 12 months!