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Being prompt – radio diary

This may be tantamount to exposing a deep psychological flaw in my make up, but I loathe being late for appointments. I would rather be half-an-hour early and have to kill time than be two minutes late. I do not see my obsession reflected in the behaviour of many others. I am frequently kept waiting, [...]

By |September 22nd, 2016|radio diary|3 Comments

Take Courage – radio diary

Some time ago a survey conducted in the U.S.A. apparently revealed that a major fear among the executive class was that they would be ‘found out’. It seems most people do not believe they are capable, qualified or educated enough to do their job adequately. I am sure this is not confined to executives (whatever [...]

By |September 9th, 2016|radio diary|2 Comments

Don’t write it down! – radio diary

How often have you thought, “I must do X as soon as I finish what I’m doing now”? And promptly forgotten all about it? Me too! To avoid this predicament, the conventional advice is to add X to your to-do list or note it on a handy scrap of paper before continuing with the current [...]

By |August 24th, 2016|radio diary|1 Comment

Happiness – radio diary

I have argued for many years that happiness is a choice. This is borne out by a) the large number of people who ‘have everything’ and are still dissatisfied, miserable, suicidal or just plain grumpy and b) the seemingly even larger number of people who have nothing and yet find cause to smile. I am [...]

Blame and Complaining – radio diary

Blame Especially right now, in the aftermath of the EU Referendum, there is a lot of blaming going on. Stop it, is my recommendation. It is not the old, for voting to leave; it is not the young, for not turning out in enough numbers to vote for remaining; it is not the immigrants, for [...]

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