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(PIPRIP) Praise in public, reprimand in private – video

This was a strategy I have used both in business and in my private life. If I had something nice to say about someone, I tried to always make sure that other were around to hear it too. Their siblings, work colleagues, family or friends. Because there is nothing better than receiving a bit of [...]

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Racism – video

I was having a chat the other day, with a new acquaintance. The subject turned to racism and the question that came up was, are white people inherently racist? I was stunned when my new friend, who was black, said, “You know, when you wake up in the morning, you don’t give a thought to [...]

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Trapped – video

prisoner in dark room with light beams Have you ever felt trapped? I think you must have; I certainly have. I remember once I was forced to move to another part of the country. I was not at all happy about the move and felt that I had been trapped into it; resentment ate [...]

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Wasting your life – video

When I first left school and began work, I was articled to a firm of quantity surveyors. That’s a glorified way of saying I was an apprentice. One day I was working on site with one of the firm’s partners. We stopped for coffee (he paid – I earned £2.50 a week!) and chatted about [...]

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Let it be – video

I was in France recently and needed to take a bus From Nantes city centre to the airport. As I queued to buy my ticket from the driver before boarding, a chap eased past with a cup of coffee in one hand and waving a ticket with the other. But, as he passed into the [...]

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Failure – video

Once upon a time (all the best stories begin this way, and so does this one) there was a man who decided to go on a diet. Me. I realised I was carrying a bit too much flab and decided to take decisive action! And for a while it went really well; I was proud [...]

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Self Confidence – video

Confidence or Doubt written on a blackboard , No, that does not mean you should become a bullying, misogynistic narcissist – as some people have suggested he is. What I want you to consider is the amazing self-belief of the man. He seems to have an unshakable faith in himself. Maybe it is just [...]

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MOP – video

MOP - Motivation, Organisation and Procrastination! When we get a new idea, or a goal or have an achievement in mind, we are filled with enthusiasm, motivation explodes within us. And, generally, we can’t wait to begin. So we start to get organised. We gather the tools and resources we will need. We [...]

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Road (and other) Rages – video

For many years I was a daily commuter, taking the M4 to London and back at peak times. I also spent a lot of my time behind the wheel; visiting clients, suppliers etc. So I experienced a lot of irritation – people cutting in, driving erratically, manoeuvring without using their mirrors or their indicators and [...]

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The Grim Reaper – video

Grim Reaper on the road The Grim Reaper cometh... I can’t remember how old I was when I realised that I would die one day. Of course I knew that I would die – everybody dies. But that day the realisation became somewhat visceral. I was really going to die! My first reaction [...]

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