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Looking at the evidence – video

When researchers perform experiments, say testing a new drug, they generally perform what are known as ‘double-blind’ experiments. This means that the person(s) administering the test remain unaware of the reason for the test. In the case of a placebo versus drug test, for example, this includes not knowing which subject(s) will receive which version. [...]

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Hidden Powers – video

HIDDEN POWERS? Disaster is a funny old thing – it often brings out the best in us! Human beings are really good at pulling together when the manure hits the windmill. Ill fortune, tragedy, turmoil all seem to bring us out of our “smallness”. We become more and, as a group, more than the sum [...]

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The dark side of the wise old man – video

by way of an explanation... The Wise Old Man only exists only in the World of Language i.e. these communications, video etc... he's an actor... In much the same way that he isn't either really Father Christmas or Santa Claus (for the kids - see previous video) for the adults view this Marx Brothers video... [...]

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Delayed Gratification – video

Last December, I worked as a Father Christmas; an opportunity to meet many delightful children – and a few not quite so delightful. After a little chat about how good, or not, they had been in the preceding twelve months, I would give them a present. In order to minimise the amount of wrapping-paper being [...]

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Being Positive – video

A while ago, I recorded a piece about how everyone on FaceBook and other social media seemed to do little but complain. Then I became aware of the irony of me complaining – about people complaining! Being also aware of the newness of the year, I decided to scrub that and take a different, perhaps [...]

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Obesity – video

I happened to go to a shopping mall recently. Not something I am in the habit of doing so it was all a little unfamiliar. As I was a little early for a meeting with a colleague, I wandered around to see what was happening. What was happening was that everyone seemed to have become [...]

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(PIPRIP) Praise in public, reprimand in private – video

This was a strategy I have used both in business and in my private life. If I had something nice to say about someone, I tried to always make sure that other were around to hear it too. Their siblings, work colleagues, family or friends. Because there is nothing better than receiving a bit of [...]

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Racism – video

I was having a chat the other day, with a new acquaintance. The subject turned to racism and the question that came up was, are white people inherently racist? I was stunned when my new friend, who was black, said, “You know, when you wake up in the morning, you don’t give a thought to [...]

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Trapped – video

prisoner in dark room with light beams Have you ever felt trapped? I think you must have; I certainly have. I remember once I was forced to move to another part of the country. I was not at all happy about the move and felt that I had been trapped into it; resentment ate [...]

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Wasting your life – video

When I first left school and began work, I was articled to a firm of quantity surveyors. That’s a glorified way of saying I was an apprentice. One day I was working on site with one of the firm’s partners. We stopped for coffee (he paid – I earned £2.50 a week!) and chatted about [...]

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