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to go viral and achieve 250 subscribers to the website by July 2015. At April we currently have 81 !



MOP – video

MOP - Motivation, Organisation and Procrastination! When we get a new idea, or a goal or have an achievement in mind, we are filled with enthusiasm, motivation explodes within us. And, generally, we can’t wait to begin. So we start to get organised. We gather the tools and resources we will need. We [...]

By |November 12th, 2016|Videos|4 Comments

Road (and other) Rages – video

For many years I was a daily commuter, taking the M4 to London and back at peak times. I also spent a lot of my time behind the wheel; visiting clients, suppliers etc. So I experienced a lot of irritation – people cutting in, driving erratically, manoeuvring without using their mirrors or their indicators and [...]

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The Grim Reaper – video

Grim Reaper on the road The Grim Reaper cometh... I can’t remember how old I was when I realised that I would die one day. Of course I knew that I would die – everybody dies. But that day the realisation became somewhat visceral. I was really going to die! My first reaction [...]

Judgement – video

Hello, I am the WOM and my intention in my videos is to offer you new ways of seeing things, ways you may not have experienced before. Today I want to talk about judgement - about being judgemental towards yourself and other people. Pretty well everyone judges. They judge others and they judge themselves, and [...]

By |August 27th, 2015|Videos|1 Comment

Limitations – video

LIMITATIONS Hello and welcome I am the wise old man and my intention with this video is to open something new for you, a new Way to see your life, one that you had not seen before you watched this. Today I will be talking about your limitations, things that limit you in what you [...]

By |July 17th, 2015|Videos|1 Comment

Talking – video

This video discusses the question of WAIT ! Why am I talking… A while ago, I recorded a video about listening. Now I am taking a look at talking and how to make sure we are not forcing other people to listen to us without being sure we have something useful to say. It was [...]

By |July 9th, 2015|Videos|2 Comments

Being The Wise Old Man – video

Let me begin by saying it was not I who handed me the ‘Wise Old Man’ tag. It was an old and valued friend who coined it, not without a hint of heavy sarcasm! But, you know, as one gets older, one learns things – generally by making mistakes. As many a household-name inventor has [...]

By |June 19th, 2015|Videos|1 Comment

Gratitude – video

Are you grateful? “Grateful for what?” you may say, “I don’t have much to be grateful for.” But I suggest there is more to be grateful for than we realise.  For example, we might be grateful not to be drifting in the Med aboard a leaky old tub, or grateful not to be dodging falling [...]

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Non-attachment & Desire – video

Non-attachment The Bhudda said that all suffering comes from desire. If you desire nothing, expect nothing then what is there to pain you? However, for most of us, the elimination of desire is tricky. After all, even at the very basic level we desire to live! And moving up the scale, we desire (need) water, [...]

By |May 15th, 2015|Videos|2 Comments

Authenticity – video

You are so lucky! The Wise Old Man is revealed! He is Jim (sorry, no, not the Stigg!). So from now on you will hear from Jim rather than The Wise Old Man! It is Jim who features in the videos, supported by Marc and Nigel, fellow inspiritors (a new word?)… who believe in and [...]

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