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to go viral and achieve 250 subscribers to the website by July 2015. At April we currently have 81 !



Gratitude – video

Are you grateful? “Grateful for what?” you may say, “I don’t have much to be grateful for.” But I suggest there is more to be grateful for than we realise.  For example, we might be grateful not to be drifting in the Med aboard a leaky old tub, or grateful not to be dodging falling [...]

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Non-attachment & Desire – video

Non-attachment The Bhudda said that all suffering comes from desire. If you desire nothing, expect nothing then what is there to pain you? However, for most of us, the elimination of desire is tricky. After all, even at the very basic level we desire to live! And moving up the scale, we desire (need) water, [...]

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Authenticity – video

You are so lucky! The Wise Old Man is revealed! He is Jim (sorry, no, not the Stigg!). So from now on you will hear from Jim rather than The Wise Old Man! It is Jim who features in the videos, supported by Marc and Nigel, fellow inspiritors (a new word?)… who believe in and [...]


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Today i am going to talk about L O V E Love is a word that is bandied around by almost everyone and can have many, many meanings. I love white chocolate. Now that, when I think about it, is a pretty silly thing to say - but normal. I love my wife. Fair enough. [...]

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The sky’s the limit

Today I am going to talk about reaching for the sky in your life. Does every day seem very similar to the previous day to you in your life? Does nothing really change? I know Saturdays may seem different to Mondays, but do most Saturdays seem very similar? That is because you are reproducing the [...]

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