For a number of reasons my wife and I are currently sharing a car. Her car. My wife is very fond of her car. She is not keen on letting other people drive it. She is especially not at all keen on me driving it. She does not like the way I drive and does not trust me to obey her instructions when I am out alone in her car.

As you can appreciate, this makes me nervous and very careful when I am behind the wheel.

I have discovered that there is nothing that keeps me in the present moment like driving my wife’s car. My senses are heightened and I become aware of everything that is going on. Other drivers, pedestrians, animals, children, nothing escapes me. I am hyper-aware of the weather, the road surface, signals, street signs. Sounds and colours are all enhanced and I feel alive! And a bit sweaty, to be honest.

If meditation is not working for you and you are finding it difficult to be in the moment, I recommend driving your partner’s car occasionally.