Are you grateful?

“Grateful for what?” you may say, “I don’t have much to be grateful for.”

But I suggest there is more to be grateful for than we realise.  For example, we might be grateful not to be drifting in the Med aboard a leaky old tub, or grateful not to be dodging falling buildings in an earthquake zone. Or simply grateful to have a job and a roof overhead!

If you think about it, there must be millions of people who would be grateful for just a little of what you have.

But when things are looking especially black, it can help to consider the little rays of light that shine even on the darkest days; the smile from a shop assistant, a door held open, the expected rain that holds off just long enough to make it home. And there are reasons every day to be grateful – it may be a supportive spouse, an understanding sibling or a helpful neighbour.

What I suggest, especially if you are going through a tough time at present, is that you take ten minutes to list as many reasons as you can think of to be grateful.

This may be a list you never complete; there is always more to add. And when next you are feeling really sorry for yourself, simply read through your list to remind yourself just how lucky you really are.

And be grateful.