Hello, I am the WOM and my intention in my videos is to offer you new ways of seeing things, ways you may not have experienced before.

Today I want to talk about judgement – about being judgemental towards yourself and other people.

Pretty well everyone judges. They judge others and they judge themselves, and it is almost always negative.

You may think that is okay; some people deserve to be judged. Sometimes you may think, “I deserve to be judged. I didn’t keep a promise, I am a bad person.” or, “He did something to annoy me so he, too, is a bad person.”

But what does this negative judging achieve? What does it do for you? Let’s try an experiment.

Consider someone, anyone at all. It can be someone you know or maybe a celebrity. Think about what is wrong with that person; what do they do that you find off-putting or unacceptable. It may be how they look or act or the things they say. Anything that makes them ‘wrong’ in your eyes. And see how this judging makes you feel. I’m betting you find that this kind of judging sucks the energy out of you and makes you feel worse.

Now try doing the opposite. Try judging positively, looking for the good aspects of a person. Perhaps the very person you have just been so negative about. How does that make you feel? I’m guessing you feel more alive, more vibrant.

So what does judging other people achieve? If you are judging negatively I say it does very little to enhance your existence. If you are judging positively, you’ll probably find it has positive effects on you.

Or why not try being non-judgemental? Just accept people for what they are without judging at all.

Try it – just for an hour or so – and notice what effect it has on your life. You may be surprised.