I was recording a WOM video recently and, as it was a beautiful day, I decided to film in the garden.

Unfortunately I live quite near an airport and that day the planes were passing over at two-minute intervals! So I stopped the camera and sat there for a while, hoping that there might be some let-up in the flow of airborne travellers.

And as I sat there I became aware of all the other sounds around me.

There were numerous birds; some of the smaller ones in the ivy where they nest; the blackbirds in the fir tree and the spiky tree that we have not found a name for in 25 years; the red kites circling overhead and calling plaintively to one another.

Then there was the distant sound of traffic on the main road a few hundred yards away, the crunch of my wife’s feet as she crossed the gravel, the rustle of the wind in the bushes. Even the hum of a bee passing close on its way to the big red poppies in the border.

I know I have spoken before about listening to other people, but sometimes just listening can be an awesome experience. Not listening to, simply listening. Try it.