Snapshot - 1

Today i am going to talk about L O V E

Love is a word that is bandied around by almost everyone and can have many, many meanings.
I love white chocolate. Now that, when I think about it, is a pretty silly thing to say – but normal.
I love my wife. Fair enough.
You should love your neighbour! Really, have you even met your neighbour?
To me there are really only two ways of being in life and they can be summed up as love or fear.
All of the actions we take in our lives are motivated by either love or fear.
Most people are motivated a large part of the time by fear. Even those claiming to do good often do so because they are scared of what will happen if they don’t.
Please be clear, I am not judging anyone, I am not saying you are a better person if you are motivated by love and that you are a bad person if you are motivated by fear.
I am just pointing out that mostly we are motivated by fear and that this gives life a certain feel and flavour. When we act motivated by fear we don’t really connect with others, we are anxious, we are rushed and we don’t have fun.
When we are motivated by love, we feel connected to others, we feel satisfied and we feel fulfilled.
This week I invite you to look at the different areas of your life and see what is motivating you.
See if you can give up your fear and replace it with love, your natural state of being.
Until next time lovers.