MOP - Motivation - Organisation - Procrastination

MOP – Motivation, Organisation and Procrastination!

When we get a new idea, or a goal or have an achievement in mind, we are filled with enthusiasm, motivation explodes within us.

And, generally, we can’t wait to begin. So we start to get organised. We gather the tools and resources we will need. We create plans, timetables. We buy the new stuff we need to realise the new-found dream. We organise our office or shed or home ready for action.


After the joy of motivation, the satisfaction of organisation comes …


“God, I’m exhausted by all that.”

“There’s so much to do, I don’t know where to begin.”

“It’s a bit late to start now. I’ll leave it until tomorrow.”

And tomorrow? Well, all that time spent being motivated and getting organised for the new means we neglected the existing. So we need to catch up. So the new project, dream, target is pushed back a little more.

Human beings procrastinate. It seems to be built in and it is a big problem. What to do?

Try applying the two-minute rule! If it takes less than two minutes – do it now.

Most worthwhile projects, of course, take a lot longer than two minutes to complete. But nothing takes longer than two minutes to begin!

So begin now. And “persevere” for just two minutes.

Want to put up a shelf? Mark out the piece of wood. Less than two minutes.

Saw to length. Less than two minutes.

Draw a line on the wall with your spirit level. Less than two minutes.

Drill holes for the brackets. Less than two minutes.

And so on.

Pretty much anything can be broken down into two-minute chunks.

And the funny thing is – starting tends to bring back that motivation. You suddenly find those two-minute chunks merging together.

From marking the wood you find you have reached bracket fixing.

From writing a sentence you find you have completed a chapter.

Whatever you want to do – start!

I make no guarantees but it has to be worth investing two minutes, doesn’t it?