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Oh Hell! I’ve been promoted!

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Oh Hell! I’ve been promoted!


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Oh Hell! I’ve been promoted!

Words of wisdom, comfort and advice for all recently appointed managers.
(Or the not-so-recently appointed who are still wondering exactly what is
expected of them!)

by Jim Ewan
(who has made most of the mistakes that can be made)

(a downloadable book of 220 pages available in PDF format)

In stock

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Product Description

Think of this as an A to Z, but there is more to it, however the first A is:

A is for Authority
You have authority because of:
Your position (manager). You have been given the job of directing the efforts of a number of your fellow human beings. You are able to insist on certain standards and codes of conduct. Be a suggester and an influencer rather than an order giver.
Your knowledge (expertise at the job). Presumably you know more about what is required, in general, than the rest of your colleagues. Some of them may be more expert at certain aspects but you have a clearer appreciation of the whole picture.
Your personality (role m odel). Personality, self-assurance and assertiveness will take you a long way.
These three traits are probably more important than anything else when it comes to getting it done your way. They add up to strength of character. Many a manager has found, to his or her cost, that a ‘strong’ team member can undermine the authority of a manager. So, if you feel you are at all lacking – practice, take some assertiveness training (which will also enhance your personality and self-assurance) or sack anyone who has the nerve to out-assert you!

(a downloadable book of 220 pages available in PDF format)


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