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Never too old!

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Never too old!


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A heart-warming story of greed transformed to altruism. Or was it theother way round? And how you can do anything you set your mind to so long as you remember to do the stuff that works.

(a downloadable book of 64 pages available in PDF format)

In stock

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Product Description

Was I always athletic? A finely tuned running machine from my
earliest days? Well, not exactly. Not then. (Not now if I am honest.)
I was actually tricked into running in 1989 by a group of friends
who invited me on a trip to the USSR. Only after I had agreed to
go did I discover that I had been entered for the Moscow Peace

This distance was definitely beyond my capabilities as a hitherto
non-runner and I eventually negotiated a demotion to the 10-
kilometre race that was being staged alongside the marathon. This
I discovered was within my range and, moreover, I found I quite
liked this running lark.

Not that I was any good at it. My only aim when entering a race is
to be able to announce as I return home, “I wasn’t last!” This I have
managed on all but one occasion…

(a downloadable book of 64 pages available in PDF format)


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