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Sand in my supper

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Sand in my supper


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My re-count of the Marathon des Sables foot race across the Sahara desert…
“I thought the tide was a long way out as I raced across the sands bucket and spade in hand!”

(a downloadable book of 64 pages available in PDF format)

In stock

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Product Description

In this book I tell you about my experiences; I want also to share
the lessons I learned, the beliefs that were confirmed and those
that I changed. My hope is that this will not be just another ‘selfhelp’
book, destined to gather dust on your bookshelf. I sincerely
want you to consider the ideas in here and see how they might
help you in your life. There is just one thing – if at any point you
find yourself thinking, ‘this is not for me’, ‘this guy is talking
nonsense’ or ‘what a jerk’, I want you to bin the book immediately.
Life is too short to follow yet one more ‘guru’ up a garden path.

(a downloadable book of 64 pages available in PDF format)


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