Confidence or Doubt written on a blackboard

Confidence or Doubt written on a blackboard

, No, that does not mean you should become a bullying, misogynistic narcissist – as some people have suggested he is.

What I want you to consider is the amazing self-belief of the man. He seems to have an unshakable faith in himself. Maybe it is just an act, but it certainly seems to work.

So why aren’t we all as confident as Trump? My guess is that it comes down to our historic experiences. We’re carrying too much baggage; too many put-downs, too many refusals.

Think of all the times you have heard, “You can’t …”, “You’re not good enough to …”, “You’re not allowed to …” We take all this on board and, over time, it diminishes us. We lose faith in ourselves; the faith we had as children when we truly believed nothing was impossible.

Here’s an idea to turn it around.

Get yourself a small notebook. Every evening for the next two weeks, go back over the day you have just experienced and note down three things that have happened to make you feel good. Just three things – even if it has been a great day and everything about it thrills you, you only write down three things.

These three do not have to be things you have done yourself or triumphs achieved, simply “things” that have happened or you have noticed that you feel good about.

Next, think about these three things and think what quality in you enables you to view them positively, what is it about you that generates these feelings?

In just two weeks of doing this, I promise you, your self-confidence will soar, your self-esteem will increase by leaps and bounds You will find you have a new approach to life; you feel more confident and more ready to go out there and “have a go”, to try new, exciting things you never dreamed you were capable of. You will stop thinking about doing and just get on and do.

All this from just two weeks of recording things that make you feel good? Absolutely!

Not sure? Want to talk about it? Message me! I’ll be delighted to hear from you.