What is stress?

I’m going through a house move at the moment. And finding it quite stressful. Which got me thinking about stress and what exactly it is.

Let me be be clear; I do not think I know the answer. To this or any other question. I’m not even sure there are any answers. There are opinions, some of which we believe are true. But opinions have a nasty habit of changing. My opinions, the opinions if leading thinkers, philosophers, scientists, they all change. If they didn’t, there would be no such thing as progress. So what I am about to share is my current opinion about stress. It is an opinion which works for me. For now.

Stress is caused by a refusal to accept what currently is. I know that this is not the way it is meant to be and I object to it being this way. I want it to be different and i am going to moan and complain and bore everyone around by constantly banging on about how unfair it is.

And that does not change a thing. What it does is to leave me with a knot in my stomach and an attitude that makes my family and friends avoid me.

In an extreme case, I may become ill. If the trigger for my discontent is a big enough event, I may find myself suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. because i am unable to cope with and adverse situation.

This is not to minimise the genuine suffering of those who have faced unbearable events. This is not to say everyone should ‘man up’ and get over it. Sometimes the experience can be so awful that it can take years of therapy to come to terms with horrors. Some times the victim never does.

But my house move is not in that category. It is a mild inconvenience compared with the experiences of many. I am not going to wake up screaming or have distressing flashbacks as a result of a simple change of address.

Time to ‘man up’ accept what is happening, make the best of it and get on with life – especially since the eventual outcome is going to be a good one for me and my family.