Tuesday 5th May 2105. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment; there is also something important missing. Structure.

I have talked about structure in one of my video blogs. And for many of the projects I am engaged with, I have structures in place to make sure I achieve my aims. There are at present two projects that remain unstructured. So I am going practice what I preach by creating more structures to support my goals.

Friday 8th May These are two structures I put in place immediately after I wrote the words above.

1. Having committed to running a 10k charity race on 17th May, I realise that I am nowhere near ready. My average run is just under 3 miles and I only do that about once a week. I have 12 days to prepare, so I will run every other day, beginning on the 6th. I will run 3 miles on the 6th and increase my distance by 1 mile on each run. This means I will run 7 miles (10k = 6 miles) on the 14th, take two days off and be ready for the race on the 17th. Oh yes, I’m running for charity so if you would like to sponsor me – League of Friends of the Royal Berkshire Hospital

2. I am creating some training videos for a consultancy I am associated with. In order to speed up production, I am setting aside ½ hour a day to work on the project. My aim is to have a first draft by the end of May.

Monday 11th May 2015. So, how am I doing? On my run structure, everything was going well until today! I now find I have to visit a client tomorrow; leaving early morning and returning late means I will miss tomorrow’s 6-mile run. However, structures are not set in stone and there is some slack in the system (essential for coping with the unexpected). I now plan to do 6 miles on Wednesday 13th and 7 miles on Friday 15th. This still gives me a day off before the race.
My second structure is working well and I have now completed a draft script and storyboard for the first section. I have seven more sections to create and these will take far less time, so I am confident that I will finish on time.

If you have any questions about creating structures for your projects, please fill out this form and I’ll see if I can help… Jim.