prisoner in dark room with light beams

Have you ever felt trapped? I think you must have; I certainly have.

I remember once I was forced to move to another part of the country. I was not at all happy about the move and felt that I had been trapped into it; resentment ate away at me.

One day I was having a bit of a bitching session to a probably reluctant listener. She was a young colleague – about half my age. I moaned on about the injustice of it all and how I felt I had been trapped.

She looked at me and said something amazingly profound. Well, I was amazed, mainly because I didn’t expect something like this from someone so young. But then, why should the old have a monopoly on wisdom? I may call myself the wise old man but I can be pretty stupid pretty often.

What she said was, “Jim, you’re never trapped except by yourself.”

Wow! She was so right. What we humans do is constantly make decisions; choices about what to do next. And every instant there are an infinite number of choices available. You could go down the pub, start your novel, buy a ticket to China, make a cup of tea. The possibilities are endless. And sometimes the consequences of our choices are not what we bargained for. But we made the choice.

Bearing this in mind, how about trying to accept that it is your choices that have got you where you are right now. Whether where you are now is good or bad.

So how about, for just the next week, stop complaining and accept that whatever is happening, you had it coming because of your choices.

Of course, this will be a lot easier if you are in a good place just now!