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A social networking challenge

to go viral and achieve 250 subscribers to the website by July 2015. At April we currently have 81 !

The Wise Old Man – YouTube channel

Here is the Link to the YouTube channel

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Going viral down in Acapulco

We've reached the heady heights of Google, Facebook, Vimeo and now YouTube So we are heading viral(!) in order to reach our 1000 subscribers target by March 2015. Please like and share and get your friends to subscribe here … subscribe here to receive an automatic email with links to each new video blog that [...]

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The Wise Old Man Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook page ...click here, please like and share with all of your friends! BUT… to keep in touch with each new video blog post we really need people to visit this website and to subscribe in order that they get automatic updates delivered direct to their registered email addresses! Here is [...]

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You are wonderful!

Today I am going to talk about how wonderful you are. You are perfect and you always have been. And you always will be. Do you get that? No, I bet you don’t, you think that you could and should be better, maybe even much, much better. You may even not like yourself, is that [...]

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Problems – December 2014

Today I am going to talk about problems and fixing problems. A lot of what people are thinking about and struggling with are problems, such as “I am overweight” or “I don’t have enough money” or “my relationship sucks” And these problems often go on and on. People will try really hard [...]

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OH great joy, xmas is here again

This is the time of the year when you will have fun! Seriously, you will. The question could be asked, yes, but for how long? The answer might be 10 minutes, 2 days, a week, perhaps forever! But don't worry, even if it is forever The Wise Old Man is here to coach you through [...]

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Change – September 2014

Today I am going to talk about the structures you have in your life to support you in being a certain way or getting certain results. Or another way I can say it, keeping things the way they are. Have you noticed that it is often difficult to change the way you [...]

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Integrity – August 2014

Today I am going to talk about integrity. Now I would like to start by looking at the dictionary definition of integrity: The state of being whole and undivided There are a few different definitions, but this is the one I will use as it suits my purposes here. Most people would [...]

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Fear – July 2014

Today I am going to talk about fear and the crippling effect it has on the lives of many people. Now I`m not talking about the “sitting inside, too scared to go out” type of fear or the “ahh there’s a spider” kind of fear, what I am talking about is a [...]

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The Wise Old Man Video Blog Introduction – July 2014

The intention of this and all my video blogs, is to open up new options, new choices and new ways of seeing things.  So that you have more fun and freedom and are happier and more fulfilled in your day-to-day life. The fact that you have found this blog shows that you [...]

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