Let me begin by saying it was not I who handed me the ‘Wise Old Man’ tag. It was an old and valued friend who coined it, not without a hint of heavy sarcasm!

But, you know, as one gets older, one learns things – generally by making mistakes. As many a household-name inventor has discovered, the way to success is paved with failure. I have made many mistakes! We all do. So we make mistakes and the result is we learn what works. Or at least we learn what works for us. And what I try to do in my videos and diary entries, is to pass on some of the things I have found to work with the intention that you will find them useful.

So, do I have all the answers? No. To be honest, I don’t even have all the questions!

I’d like to know how you find my offerings. Do they work for you as well as me? Some of them? None of them? Please let me know.

And know that I will examine your comments with care; they are important to me. You are important to me, even if I do not know you personally. Your input makes a difference. You make a difference.