This was a strategy I have used both in business and in my private life. If I had something nice to say about someone, I tried to always make sure that other were around to hear it too. Their siblings, work colleagues, family or friends. Because there is nothing better than receiving a bit of praise in front of your contemporaries. It may be a bit embarrassing at the time – but don’t we all secretly love it?

On the other hand, don’t we all hate being pulled up in front of others? Being hauled over the coals while our relatives or compatriots look on. So, I always made sure to do that in private, one-to-one. Because I too have been embarrassed by being torn off a strip; I know what it feels like, just as, I am sure, do you.

And, of course, in private, you can thrash out the problem without either of you feeling the need to put on a show for the audience. I found it produced the results I was looking for and I always felt that my discretion was appreciated, if not always acknowledged.

I hope this is what you do anyway, that I’m not telling you anything new. On the other hand, maybe you aren’t always telling your family, friends, staff how wonderful they are in front of the whole world. Maybe you sometimes blurt out critical words without thinking who is overhearing. Maybe you should try PIPRIP!